Royaume de France
Kingdom of France

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance
606 - 1458
Pavillon royal de la France
Capital: Paris
Language: French
Religion: Christianity (Magdalenean)
Ethnic group: French
Type of government: Feudal monarchy
  King/Queen: Ragnald (first)
Sophie (last)
Population: 7-8 million (estimate) 
Currency: French livre

The Kingdom of France, or simply France was a historical nation in Western Europe. It collapsed following the French-Spanish War. Once a powerful state, France was situated on the crossroads of Europe. Founded in 606 by the Frankish king Ragnald, it became an influential state.

The last Queen of France was Sophie.

50 years after its collapse France rose from the ashes under the leadership of Céline de Valence, Countess of Fontainebleau, who went on to rapidly conquer much of Europe, establishing the Empire of France. The empire initated the period known as the European Renaissance, and built many magnificent structures. It eventually collapsed due to internal disputes, after which France never again arose as an independent nation.