People's Republic of France (République Populaire de France)
Timeline: Burma Ascension

OTL equivalent: France
Communist France Flag BurAsc Communist France Seal BurAsc
Flag Coat of Arms
PR France Map Burma Ascension
Location of People's Republic of France (République Populaire de France)
Anthem "L'Internationale"
Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Other cities Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, Grenoble
  others German
Religion State Atheism
Demonym French
Government Single-party Communist State
Party Secretary Nicolas Sarkozy
Area 321,695 km²
Population 45,000,000 
Currency Franc
Time Zone (UTC+1)
Internet TLD .fr

France, also known as Red France (France Rouge), is a major European nation located on the Western part of the European continent. It is bordered by Republic of France (colloquially 'Lorraine' or 'White France') and the Dutch Democratic Republic in the north, the German Democratic Republic in the northeast, the South Germanic Republic in the east, the Italian People's Democratic Republic in the southeast and the Pyreneesian Socialist Republic in the Southwest. France is bounded by the Atlantic ocean and the English Channel in the northwest and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. PR France claims sovereignty over all of France - both of itself and of Lorraine, which it does not recognize. Lorraine in return also claims sovereignty over both itself and Red France and does not recognize the People's Republic.

Like most European nations, France is ruled by a Communist government under the French Communist Party (PCF - Parti Communiste Francaise). France and Lorraine resulted in the formation of separate French republics which arose from the split between the Gaulist and Communist resistance during the Second World War (1939-1948). The current party secretary of the Communist Party of France is Nicolas Sarkozy. He has erected a personality cult where his portraits or statues are prominently visible throughout the whole of France. He is referred to by state media as the Great Comrade, although "le petit comrade" is a more popular reference craftly promoted by the PCF to cultivate a warm image.

France outlaws all religious practice and actively promotes Communism in non-Communist nations, particularly Great Britain and Lorraine. France maintains one of Europe's largest armies: The APF (Armee populaire francaise) at over 3 million. The Communist Party of France has its own paramilitary organisation, La Milice Populaire (MP) supported by an extensive surveillance system under the control of the French Ministry of the Interior.

Foreign Relations

France, as a member of the International Communist Association, is an active exporter of Communism to non-Communist states. Many international Communist organisations have offices in Paris and the annual May Day parade is the largest in the World. As with other Communist nations, France assumes a hostile foreign policy towards all non-Communist states, such as Lorraine, United States, Russia, Japan and Myanmar. France has repeatedly been on the United State's List of States Sponsoring Terrorism.

Internal French Relations

The title of 'France' is claimed by both the People's Republic of France and the Republic of France. Globally, the People's Republic is more often referred to as France while the Republic of France is more colloquially known as Lorraine. Both countries do not recognize each other and claims sovereignty over each others' territories. Both Frances insist that nations maintaining diplomatic relations practice the One-France policy where they do not recognize the other 'France'.

The Internal French border is the most heavily fortified border in the world. Physical barriers and a 30km wide demilitarized zone separates both France. Each year, hundreds of French refugees attempt to defect to Lorraine - of which only a few dozen succeed. Lorraine has accused France of repeated attempts of sabotage and assassination attempts. France sponsored an assassination attempt on the Lorrainois president, Charles de Gaul in 1961.

Franco-Burmese Relations

Myanmar does not recognize France - instead, it maintains diplomatic relations with Lorraine. Franco-Burmese relations, like those of nations across the Cold War divide, are frigid at best. France had been supporting the exiled Burma Communist Party (BCP) both financially and materially. The BCP maintains its international bureau in Paris.

The 1997 Heathrow incident where BCP and French agents hijacked a Myanmar Airways International Flight bound for Yangon strained ties between the two countries to the point of Myanmar cutting all diplomatic relations with France. A daring rescue undertaken by the Burmese Directorate of Foreign Intelligence and Security (DFIS) and the UK's SAS freed 89 of the 109 hostages, while 20 hostages, 18 rescuers and 52 BCP and MP cadres were killed in the intense gun battle at Paris Colonel Fabien International Airport. Since the incident, Myanmar maintains strict sanctions against France and vice-versa.

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