The Third French Republic
La Troisième République Française
Timeline: Axis vs Allies: Reborn (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: France
Flag of France No coa
La Tricolore Coat of Arms

Liberté, égalité, fraternité (French)
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity")

Anthem "La Marseillaise"
Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Other cities Marseille, Lyon, Tolouse, Orleans, Nice
Language French
Ethnic Group Frankish
Demonym French
Government Unitary Republic
President Gaston Doumergue
Established 1870
Organizations League of Nations
France, or the Third French Republic (La Troisième République), is a unitary republic in Western Europe. France is one of the largest nations in Europe, and the largest in Western Europe.

The nation of France holds a great deal of colonies throughout Africa, as well as Indochina, and French Guinea. Mainland France holds a great geographic position, being located in Western Europe, and having both a Mediterranean and Atlantic coast.

France is regularly considered part of the Top 5 Nations - along with the US, UK, USSR, and Germany. Its economy, industry, and military all rank highly on an international scale.


Algerien 5 0049

Prehistoric Cave Art

Prehistory and Barbarians

Mankind's first proven existence in France dates back to 40,000 BC, when stone tools and other artifacts have proven the existence of early human beings. By 6,000 BC, farming communities sprung up, and three main groups developed - the Gauls, the Aquitinians, and the Belgians.

By the time of Rome, France was considered a barbarian land, but Julius Caeser conquered Gaul by 51 BC. It became part of the Roman Empire. After Rome's fall, a strong Catholic presence was left on the region.

Louis XIV of France

The Sun King

Middle Ages

After Rome, Clovis I united the Franks, a Gallic tribe, and conquered a decent part of France. At this point, Catholicism was the main religion of the West. After Clovis, Charles Martel defended France from raiding Muslims. Finally, a later Frankish King, Charlemagne united all of France, and most of Germany. The Kingdom of France was established around 987.

During most of the Middle Ages, France fought in a series of wars against England, and ended up in complete control of mainland France by the end of the Hundred Year's War, in 1453. France became an absolute monarchy under the Ancien Regime.

Revolution in Paris

Storming the Bastogne

Revolution and Napoleon

After the French people became upset over the ever growing aristocracy, they decided to act during the French Revolution. Inspired by the Americans, the French stormed the Bastogne in 1789. After what was known as the Reign of Terror, a new French Empire was brewing.

Napoleon Bonaparte took control of France in 1800. He expanded France to its greatest borders yet. After Napoleon's eventual defeat by the English and Russians, France returned to its normal size. In 1870, the Third French Republic was founded.

Modern Day

In the Great War, France defeated Germany alongside her allies, the Triple Entente. With Great Britain, the US, and Russia, Germany was defeated. In 1934, Gaston Domergue formed a new government, with Radicals in positions of power.



Eiffel Tower

France has been a center of Western cultural development for centuries. Many French artists have been among the most renowned of their time, and France is still recognized in the world for its rich cultural tradition. The successive political regimes have always promoted artistic creation. The origins of French art were very much influenced by Flemish art and by Italian art at the time of the Renaissance. French architecture is largely Gothic in style, but is also best known for the Eiffel Tower.


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