People's Republic of France and the Lowlands
Timeline: After Operation Unthinkable
Peoples republic of (France) French coat of Harms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of People's Republic of France and the Lowlands

No fat chicks (French, Russian)

Anthem "The Internationale"
Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Language French, Russian
Religion State Atheism, Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
Russian, French, Dutch, Wallonie, Flemish
  others German, swiss, German
Legislature French Peoples Government
Area 626352 km2 km²
Population 23,000,000 

France is a soviet client state within the European Bloc region, and is in the Warsaw Pact.

Operation Unthinkable

France's main role in the war was providing defensive troops to defend the occupied cities of Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Munich. They also helped in a southern offensive to push into kiev. They provided a total of 350,000 men in total and lost over 250,000 soldiers in total in a failed defensive of Paris.

Frances population before the war was 45,000,000 and at the end it was 15,000,000. With the population rising methods used it has been risen but not recovered.

After the war

In 1959 France had a socialist republic installed for 3 years making it under the direct control of the Soviet union. It was taken down in '63 and replaced with The People's Republic of France and the Lowlands when the soviet union combined the former nations of The Netherlands , Belgium, and Luxembourg with France.

Warsaw Pact

The People's Republic of France and the Lowland was admitted into the Warsaw pact in 1968 and remains an important member today.

Soviet Relations

Public opinion of the Soviet Union is quite low due to the nuking of Paris and various other cities. The government opinion is huge because of the soviets help in rebuilding destroyed cities and help with funding population recovery programs.

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