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Royaume de France
Kingdom of France
Timeline: A Different History

OTL equivalent: France except Arelat and Corsica
Flag of Constitutional Royal France Arms of the Kingdom of France (Ancien)
Flag Coat of Arms
France ADH
France in blue

Nation, Religion, Roi (French for)
("Nation, Religion, King")

Anthem "La Marsellaise"
Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Other cities Poitiers, Bordeaux, Nantes, Tours, Orleans, Pas de Calais, Cherbourg, many others
  others Occitan, Italian, Romanian, many others
Roman Catholicism
  others Lutheran Church
Ethnic Groups
  others Italian, Gypsy, many other
Demonym French
Government Parliamentary Monarchy
  legislature Council of France
King Louis XX
  Dynasty: de Bourbon
Chief of the Council Nicholas Sarkozy
Area area 
Population 76,000,000 
Established 1789
Independence from Kingdom of the Franks
  declared 843
Currency Livre
Time Zone GMT 0
  summer GMT 1
Calling Code 33
Internet TLD .fr
Organizations UN

The Kingdom of France (French Rouyame de France) is a Francophone nation in Western Europe.

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