François Talon
General Talon
Lt. Col. Talon (left) and French radio officer at the Lao-Cambodian border, August 1951
Born 14 November 1933
Vichy, Auvergne province, France
Died 17 October 1969 (36 years old)
Saigon, DR Vietnam
Title Commander of French forces in Indochina

 General François Talon was an Lieutenant colonel turned General of the French Army and the Commander-in-chief of French Forces in Indochina.

Early Life

Francois Pierre Talon was born in a suburb of Vichy, France on November 14th, 1933. Not much is known about Talons early life. Talon did go to a middle class school in the mid 1930s but according to records it was destroyed during the second world war. His father Jacque Talon was a veteran of the first world war who fought in Alsace and was gassed in 1917. His mother Rosie Chambeau Talon came from a farm outside Vichy, her father was killed in the fighting at Gallipoli.

Military Career

It is said General Talons military carrier began with WWII. His like every Frenchmens patriotism rose to defeat an old enemy. General Talons father again was called up to serve and he was mortally wounded during the African campaign. By the time he hit 16 in 1946 he volunteered. He was one of the last soldiers to fight and was shot in the arm during the Quebec campaign. After WWII Talon would fight in Africa. The Algerian population in 1948 started teh 1st Alger Revolution. He would fight the Alger Rebels until they were publically crushed in late 1948.
Korean war american ambush

A French soldier with captured Algerian weapons (Supplied by Russia), circa 1948

Indochina War and Death

American planes 1

UAS dive bombers over Laos, 1953


Personal Life

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