François III of France was the son of François II and his wife. Born in 1570, he became king of France at the age of seventeen.

In 1599, he met with king Henry V of the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal. Henry had been king of Aragon, but now some nobles had also proclaimed François III as king. They found to an understanding and agreed to solve their conflict in Aragon in a way that satisfies them both: Aragon was divided - Murcia and the lands south of the Ebro went to Castille, the lands north of it, plus the Baleares, Navarre and Sardinia (which was sold to Florence, though) to France.

The two kings, now being friends and allies, decided to strike against a common foe, the Rum-Seljuks. They fought them together in the Great Seljuk War 1599-1604. In the peace of Naples, the Seljuks had to give the Sinai to France and core Hungary to Bourbon Hungary.

François III died in 1605, leaving the throne to his son François IV.

Predecessor: François III Berry (Chaos) Successor:
François II François III

King of France

François IV
Enric Francesc II

King of Aragon


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