Fox News is a US cable TV and Internet News Network and is one of the "big 5" US News companies.

Fox News was in March 1985 by billionaire John Q. Tyler. At first the network only had one channel but in 1989 Fox 2 was launched and in 1994 Fox 3 became live. The stations are renowned for their politically conservative views and their support for successive republican administrations.

Fox 1

Fox One is the Fox Network's standard channel. The channel features 9am, 1pm and 6pm news broadcasts

Fox 2

Fox Two primarily broadcasts movies, with morning and evening news breaks.

Fox 3

Fox 4

Fox Four focuses on celebrity and glamour, with makeover programmes and chatshows the mainstay of the station. It features bi-hourly news bulletins from the showbiz world.

Fox Sport

Fox Sport focuses on American, and worldwide sport. The channel was launched in 1995.

Fox Live

Fox Live is the Fox Network's rolling news channel, featuring hourly news bulletins and

Fox Night

Fox Night originally was the late night shows on Fox 1 but became its own channel in 2005. The channel operates between 9pm and 6am and shows adult entertainment programmes.

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