The Fourth Treaty of Delhi was created to end the Fourth Indian War, also known as the Urdustani War of Succession, between the Indian League, their allies, and the rebels of Vijaynagar.


  • The Division of Vijaynagara shall go as follows upon the map below.
  • The برٹانیا کی سلطنت (Briṭāniyā kā sāmrājya) shall gain the port city of Kozikode and surrounding lands.
  • The رومی سلطنت (Rōmanōṁ kē sāmrājya) shall see their existing enclave expanded and shall gain partial control over the city of Chennai for it's tomb of the Apostle Paul, but the Hindu sections of the city and surrounding lands shall remain part of Vijaynagar.
  • The کروشیا کی بادشاہی (Krō'ēśiyā kē rājya) shall receive the area of Goa.
  • The Sultanate of Bahamani and Dhundar shall receive land from the Vijaynagara rebels.
  • All Indian States that agreed to free the people of Vijaynagar shall be compensated thoroughly.
  • The nation of Vijaynagar shall fall back under the Illyas-Shah Dynasty in Urdustan and the Emperor of Urdustan shall reclaim his title.
  • Vijaynagar shall be allowed to keep its Hindu temples, beliefs, and other Hindu-related religious items in order to preserve the peace of the people.
  • Vijaynagar shall declare eternal unity to the Empire of Urdustan.

Land Changes


The land changes of India after this war

Signatory Powers

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