The Fourth Reich is a terrorist organization formed after impact day, and mostly operates in West Germany, Easy Germany and sometimes in Poland. Despite its name, it does not necessarily intend to create an empire, only to unite Germany. It is widely considered to be one of the most powerful and dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

Strikes and attacks

Some of the deadliest attacks the Fourth Reich has caused have been against military bases in both East and West Germany. They significantly hindered efforts as both Germanys were attempting to rebuild, attacking both sides. It is estimated they have done several billion dollars worth of damages in their first year alone, as well as thousands dead. Several military bases were completely destroyed by them, as well as damage to many others.

The most deadly attack they have done yet is the terrorist strike on Munich, on March 17th 1962. Explosives were set on at least ten buildings and detonated. The attack was followed up by nearly 300 members storming the city. The police were nearly helpless about this attack, and the military in. In the end, at least 5000 people died, making it the deadliest terrorist attack in German history at the time.


in the short lifespan of this group, there has only been a few leaders. The first was known as Adolf, although it is considered very likely that this was not his real name. He was the mastermind behind the Munich attack, as well as many others. On July 25th, 1967, he was killed by a NATO special forces team. Although most of the other leaders have never been caught, on other leader has been confirmed. He went by Jack, and was one of the least effective leaders. He actually set The Fourth Reich back significantly, and compromised there main base. He was killed on August 21st, 1969, after only six months of ruling the Fourth Reich.


Most of The Fourth Reich's funding comes from donations, looting, and theft. There has however been several incidents in which they have received funds from legitimate governments. For example, it is beloved the Munich Bombings were largely funded by the USSR.

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