There were a lot of important people in history. Four of these people were Joseph Stalin, Wilhelm Solf, Vyacheslav Molotov, and Jose Sanjurjo

Can you imagine a world without them? Well, that is what this timeline explores, with Four People Gone.


Joseph Stalin is killed during the Red Revolution of Russia. White Army forces execute him after capturing him and several other communists in Russia.

Without him to persuade Lenin that they should capture and execute the Royal Family, they (the Royals) flee to the United Kingdom where the Tsar's cousin welcomes him in.


Wilhelm Solf suffers a heart attack in 1919. Germany and Japan would never heal relations. This would later contribute to the Axis of Rome-Berlin-Moscow.


Without Jose Sanjurjo to lead the Nationalists, the Spanish Civil War would not start.


After Lenin dies, Leon Trotsky and Vyacheslav Molotov begin a race for control of the USSR. Trotsky's people kill Molotov in Leningrad 1930 and he (Trotsky) secures power.


By 1937 Italy and Germany were under the rules of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, respectively. They formed the Rome-Berlin Axis in the same year.

Trotsky, and the Soviet Union, would join a year later, in 1938, and Rome-Berlin-Moscow was formed.

World War II was eventually fought between this Axis and the Allies, later America, Japan, China, and Spain for the most part.

The War started when Hitler and Trotsky together invaded Poland, aiming to split it amongst themselves.

France, and Britain, declared war at the snap of a finger, as did China.

China and Japan temporarily agreed to a ceasefire to attack the Soviets together.

A world war raged on.

In 1941, the United States cut off relations and supplies to the Axis.

The Soviet Union thusly launched an attack on Hawaii and Alaska. Troops began marching into Alaska on December 7 while bombers blew up the crucial naval base of Pearl Harbor.

However, even with the United States, the Allies were seemingly no match for the Axis. The war went to such an extent that Spain got involved.

The Axis followed a tactic of assisting each other in invasions: together the Soviets and Germans invade Norway and Sweden, together Italy and Germany invaded Poland; together they attacked Finland and the Baltic states.

Their next together action was invading France. The Fall of France came in 1943, after most of the remainder of Europe fell.

Together now, they plotted an attack on Britain in 1944. The Battle of Britain resulted in an Axis occupation of the UK.

This shocked the world.

The US, Japan, China, and Spain planned a major counterattack, launched in 1946. Spanish and American forces invaded Vichy France from the west and north. After securing it, They invaded southern England to take control of the Channel.

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