Flag of the German Empire
Flag of the German Empire

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In March 1920, amongst huge upheaval in post-War Germany, a disillusioned civil servant and ultra-nationalist, Dr. Wolfgang Kapp, appealed to military commander Walther von Luttwitz, seeking to organize a coup d'etat against the fledgling Weimar government. This manifested itself as the ill-fated "Kapp Putsch", which, in OTL, was quickly suppressed as the result of a general strike by Berlin workers.

But what if Kapp and Luttwitz had attracted the necessary support to successfully overthrow the German government? This time-line relies on two major differences in the organization of the putsch:

a) The revolt is carefully planned beforehand, Luttwitz even negotiating with trade union leaders and socialists to ensure their loyalty for the coup's due course, in return for some basic power-sharing in the new government. The general strike, although commissioned, was hardly as detrimental as in OTL.

b) Several Freikorp units chose not to assist in the coup in OTL. Once again, more involved prior organization prevents such abstinence; rebels march on Berlin en masse, assuring a swift, mostly bloodless revolution. The 'legitimate' German government flees within a week, and a radical military government assumes power.


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