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The twelve Founding Fathers of Santiago were the principal attendants of the country's Constitutional Congress in 1900-1901.

Portrait Name Country Role in early Government Notes
FFoSDemaurell Domingo Edgardo de Maurell Flag of Chile CH Physician, anthropologist and educator. Campaigned for indigenous rights; founded the Demaurell Institute; and won the 1909 Antarctic Tuzelmann Award.
FFoSGutierrez Enrique Gutierrez Flag of Chile CH Later Foreman of the Liberal Party.
FFoSTejada Emilio Tejada Flag of Chile CH Later General of the Army.
FFoSRolando Benicio Rolando Flag of Argentina AR Roman Catholic priest and later bishop of the Archdiocese of San Martín. Secured the support of the Holy See for Santiago's independence.
FFoSCardozo Judá Cardozo Flag of Argentina AR Secretary of the Treasury Sephardi Jew, only Jewish Founding Father.
FFoSLHernandez Luciano Hernandez II Flag of Argentina AR Foreign Secretary and Diplomat Twin brother of Augusto Hernandez; won the 1905 Antarctic Tuzelmann Award.
FFoSEsposito Julio Esposito Flag of Chile CH Secretary of the Interior Father-in-law of future President Francisco Bodega.
EstebanSanchez Esteban Sanchez Flag of Argentina AR Later General of the Army, Foreman of the National Party, and President of Santiago.
FFoSParker Lionel Parker Flag of Argentina AR General of the Army American filibuster and mercenary who fought for Argentine settlers during the Berkner Land War.
FFoSAHernandez Augusto Hernandez Flag of Argentina AR Foreman of the National Party Twin brother of Luciano Hernandez II. Lead the Argentine delegation to the congress.
Suarez Miguel Suárez Flag of Chile CH President Won the 1908 Antarctic Tuzelmann Award. Lead the Chilean delegation to the congress.
FFoSLucios Ramón Lucios Flag of Chile CH Foreman of the Liberal Party