Forza Nuova (Scotland says "Yes")
New Force
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"

Forza Nuova
Logo of Forza Nuova (Scotland says "Yes")

National Segretary: Roberto Fiore
Founded: 29 September 1997
Headquarters: Roma
Youth wing: Lotta Studentesca
Ideology: Neo-Fascism, Italian nationalism, Third Way fascism, National conservatism, National socialism, Anticommunism, Anticapitalism, Social right, Euroscepticism and Antiglobalization
Political position: Far-Right
European Parliament Group: Alleance for peace and freedom
Official : Black for Forza Nuova and Yellow for Lotta Studentesca

Forza Nuova is one of the minor party of Italy but yet the most extremist, and is a far-right and anti-US party.

Forza Nuova was founded by Massimo Morsello and Roberto Fiore. among others, at Roma on the 23rd September 1997. Forza Nuova is the greatest and the most well-known party in the Italian far-right, second only to Casa Pound Italia.

Forza Nuova has many present in every region of Italy, with locals, concerts, manifestations, leafleings and initiatives with other parties.

The newspaper of Forza Nuova is Ordine Futuro, which talks of economy, political problems in Europe and in the World, and Fascism.

The official anthem of Forza Nuova is "I nostri canti assassini" of Massimo Morsello.

Lotta Studentesca

Lotta Studentesca is the youth and student organization of Forza Nuova, founded on the 23rd of September 1997.

Lotta Studentesca is present in every region of Italy, with locals, concerts, manifestations, leaflets and initiatives with other youth organizations which are far-right.
Flag of Lotta Studentesca

Flag of Lotta Studentesca.

Lotta Studentesca is many present in the schools, with many members present in the Italian high schools and in the universities.

The official anthem of Lotta Studentesca is "Per il futuro".

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