This is the Kushan section of the Whims of Fortune ATL.

Classical Era

The Yueh-Chi

The history of the Kushans before they were driven out of the East by the Hsiong-Nu

Lords of Bactria

The Yueh-Chi get established in Central Asia

The Kushan Ascendancy

The Kushans become a great Empire under the Kadphises, Wima Kadphises and Kanishka

The Flowering of Buddhism

Buddhism is spread through Asia and into China by Kushan mediation.

Sassanid Threat

The Kushans are defeated by Shapur's new Empire and retreat to northern India.

A New Homeland

The second Kushan Empire is established in India as the Kidarite State overthrows its former masters.

Mediaeval Era

From the Steppes

Throughout the 5th century, the Kidarite Kushans suffer attacks by the White Huns who subdue them slowly. In the end, Kidara becomes an Huna vassal and helps it in the struggle against the local dynasties of the Guptas. However, as the fortunes of the Hunas wane, the Kidarites switch sides and once again re-establish themselves an independent state.

The Kidarite Ascendancy

The Kidarite Kushans defy the Western Turks and the Sassanids, as well as the remnant Hunas and the failing Guptas and their splinter states, to slowly consolidate their power.

The Coming of the Mongols

The Kushans avoid destruction of their state by the Ilkhans only to be brought low by Tamerlane. However, Kashmir once again proves to be a refuge from which they emerge to stop the descendants of Timur from claiming northern India.

Modern Era

A Pawn in the Great Game

Finding itself facing the ambitions of Brithain, Bolgar-Rus and Turkiye, the Kushans have to carefully navigate the political waters to avoid falling prey to either. They almost manage.

Brave New World

Having made some correct political decisions in the tumultuous 20th century, the Kushans find themselves masters of a state that far exceeds the Empire of even Kanishka. The future looks, in a word, bright - as long as they don't antagonise China.

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