Fort Serendipity
Part of Soviet - Turkish Military
Posof, Turkey (Soviet - Turkish border)
Coat of arms of the Soviet Union
Type Military Installation
Coordinates 41°31′N 42°44′E / 41.511148°N 42.72789°E / 41.511148; 42.72789Coordinates: 41°31′N 42°44′E / 41.511148°N 42.72789°E / 41.511148; 42.72789
Built 1975
Marble, Concrete, Steel
In use 1975 - Present
Controlled by Flag of the Soviet UnionUSSR

Flag of TurkeyTurkey

Garrison Flag of the Soviet Union37th Motor Rifle Division
Commanders Vadim Anisimov

Fort Serendipity 

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