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Fort Denver is located between the Rocky Mountains to the west and the High Plains region is considered to be a haven for civilization in a land plagued by anarchy - the former Central United States. Because of this, Fort Denver is the most populous city in the former Central United States at 30,000 people.



The story of Denver begins with its namesake, James W. Denver, who arrived in the newly formed state of California in 1850 as a trader for about three years. During this time period, the state of California descended into anarchy. Hoping to capitalize on this opportunity, Denver decided to get into Californian politics with the promise of restoration of order and served from 1853-1857. Meanwhile, the Territory of Kansas was established in 1854 and was also anarchy ridden. After fpur years, however, Denver was ousted from political office and decided to take advantage of the situation in the Kansas territory, managing to become "Governor" from  November 1857 to December 1858. Meanwhile, settler General William Larimer Jr, settled with his Larimer party on the St. Charles Claim, near mining town Auraria. The Larimer Party bribed and threatened the representatives of the St. Charles Claim and eventually the Larimer Party was ceded the land of the St. Charles Claim. Now that Larimer had his own land, he quickly renamed it Denver City, in an effort to impress James W. Denver into establishing Denver City as the capital of Arapaho County. Ironically, by the time Denver City had been founded, James W. Denver had resigned from being Territorial Governor, and instead became the Commissioner of Indian Affairs from November 1858 to his resignation on March 21, 1859.


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