Turkey was a great player in the cold war, until the fallout, Turkey was invaded by European Powers for cheap oil.French and Cypriot soldiers invaded Antioch and Northern Cyprus while, British, Greek and Bulgarian troops attacked from the west. The USA, also joined for the oil grab, Turkey quickly sided with the USSR as the war got hotter, and Turkey was given Nuclear weapons, They nuked Athens without concerning about the conclusions, and the west responded with a hot, cold war. The world quickly tuned into a fallout game...


Most of Turkey was wiped out, except Ankara which was promised by the west not to ruin, as the west talked about dividing Turkey and Ankara. When the fallout arrived, Ankara was the only city which survived, but as the people hid in shelters for over 50+ years, no one knew how to use the technology.

New Turkish Assembly

The new Turkish Assembly ( NTA ) was suggested by the president who hid in the shelter, they would now, work on technology which would help Turkey, and NOT destroy it. But the lack of resources failed. When the NTA came back to the land, they formed a better city, Ankara soon developed and sent settlers to find Kirikkale, which they would annex in time.


The NTA, has had a few enemies in Syria, but they paid other Syrian tribes to invade their enemies. Turkey has started to trade with minor tribes around and in Syria, mostly ones in Damascus. The National Assembly has wanted oil, to restore their technology, as well as many other energy sources. Turkey has not met any other nation.


Turkey has an army total of 10,000 soldiers, and every man over the age of 18 MUST apply to be in the army for 2 years. All soldiers are well trained and have leftover guns from the Turkish, 4,000 of the soldiers have weak muskets but the remainder have more modern guns. Artillery is being constructed.

Turkey has became really rich, as they started to trade with the tribes in Syria, they trade oil for money, and money for oil, they are starting to negotiate with the Syrian Tribes to give them a country of their own. Syrian nationalists want to be alone, while others think they should join the Former Turks.

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