Formentera is an island in the Balearic Islands, belonging to Spain.

In the mid to late twentieth century and the early twenty-first, Formentera was a major place for tourism in
175px-Bandera de Formentera svg

Flag of Formentera

Western Europe, especially from France, Italy, and Britain.

In 1959, Formentera was the site of a minor incident regarding a Soviet dissident trying to escape to the United States. An NKVD team entered the island and extracted him; the details are still classified.

In 2010, after the end of the Fourth World War, the Soviet Union forced the government of Spain to allow the Soviet Navy to establish a base on the island. To the objection of several locals, Formentera Military Base was established in early 2011, taking labor from municipalities on the island, such as Sant Fransesc Xavier.

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