The two armies faced one another in the misty gloom of Naseby. The Royalists and Parliamentarian forces were drawn and ready to charge. With a bellow, the Royalist cavalry thundered into the Parliamentarians. Pikemen were crushed under hoof and the screams and yells of the dying mingled with the clash of steel and the crack of shot. Breaking through behind enemy lines the cavalry reformed and charged again, slaying yet more. This butchery continued for hours before the Parliamentarians surrendered. The Royalist had won this battle and Cromwell had been captures, and was later executed for high treason.

A second battle at Marston Moor brought no convincing victory for either side. The two armies retreated with heavy losses and so terrible was the battle and so bloody was the war in general, that the two sides made peace. The British Isles were split up. The Royalists created a Union of the British. The Parliamentarians created a Commonwealth of England. But there was also a Republic of Scotland and the Irish Catholic Confederacy.

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