Forewarned is a 1994 American action-thriller/horror film directed by Murphy Hanson and produced by Universal Studios. It is based on the 1992 novel of the same name. Set in Chicago, it follows FBI Special Agent Peter Oury (Robert Patrick) and rookie agent Mark Jefferson (River Phoenix) as their investigation into a series of shocking and bizarre murders takes an unexpected turn when they find a connection to Oury's past in the killer's style. That man, Ben Caeris (Gary Oldman), was one of Oury's high school classmates, who at the time, wrote horror fiction, but has since decided to turn his old writings into terrifying and gruesome reality.


Jefferson's quote has become a staple of popular culture, referenced in several films and TV series since the film's release.

  • Mark Jefferson - "Well, at least he didn't go and hightail it to Switzerland."

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