Bosworth, England, 1485

Two years following his coronation, King Richard III declares war on the House of Lancaster, the House of Tudor and the Stanley Family. He leads an army of 10,000 troops against an army of 11,000 rebel troops led by Earl of Richmond Henry VII and Baron of 2nd Thomas Stanley. Yet instead of leading English forces in head, he sets his camp in a hidden and guarded area in the forested area. There he managed to surprise the Tudor house with more outnumbered horses, giving them the upper advantage, Bosworth is laid in ruin and they manage to subdue Henry VII and Thomas Stanley is beheaded by an English general. The Yorkish army sustains casualties of 2,000, and the Lancastrians 4,500. York army are victorious in this reality. Henry VII is not executed, but exiled to the Kingdom of Scotland, where he is welcomed with open arms and named by King James the First as his secretary. In London, Richard establishes his dynasty and names his only son Edward of Middleham his heir. He, then satisfied with his current Kingdom, grants his conquered land in France returned to Charles VIII.

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