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France and the United States have shared varied relations over the years. Between 1778 and 1789


See: Germany-United States relations for more information

Germany and United States have shared a special relationship since the end of World War I. Since the ascension of Henry I in 1789, Prussia began formal diplomatic relations between the newly formed nation and recognized its sovereignty.

United Kingdom

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Prior to the end of the Second World War, the United Kingdom and the United States had very cold and bitter relations since American independence. In 1783, the Kingdom of Great Britain was forced to recognize the United States as independent, however the two would clash multiple times for over a century. In 1837, the French Canadians and Anglo-Canadians revolted against the British rule in the Canadas, giving the Americans a good opportunity to make both land gains and strike against Britain. The Canadian revolution ended in 1839 with Upper and Lower Canada being recognized as the unified Republic of Canada, along with the United States gaining all lands south of the 49th parallel and west of the Mississippi. Britain backed the Confederate States in the American Civil War, hoping for revenge against the Americans.

North America



Quebec and the United States have shared close relations.

South America