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Friedrich Zweite Jung

...And all for the want of bad weather

In the late 1750s, a major war, the Seven Years' War, had taken place. The war had taken place in Europe, as well as Asia and North America, which makes many historians call the war the "first World War". By the end of the war, France was forced to hand over almost all of her colonies to the United Kingdom, almost ending their global empire. But what if the French had not lost? What if the allies had not lost at all?

What if during the Invasion of Silesia, rainy weather had caused Frederick the Great's horse to slip and fall, ultimately making Frederick fall off and fatally injure himself, leading to a Prussian collapse and an early allied win? While it may not seem there are implications, it in fact changed most of the world.

Welcome to For Want of Bad Weather.



New France 1750

North America, 1750

Map of North America (Montcalm Survives)

North America, present day.

See Timeline for a more detailed summary
  • POD (1740) - Rainy weather causes Frederick II's horse to slip and fall and ultimately kill Frederick during the Invasion of Silesia. Leopold II is placed in charge instead.
  • France still aids the Prussians, but Prussia eventually surrenders in 1741, which meant a North American theater of war between France and Great Britain does not take place.
  • France gains an opportunity to grow the navy and army after avoiding a major war. To increase the French population in New France, a Peasant Act is signed that allowed peasants to move to New France with land rights in return to fight for the French crown.
  • Prussia, with a child on the Prussian throne and a devastating loss against the Austrians, the Prussians reinforce their army and even begin a navy to doubly protect themselves and gain the status of a major European power.
  • (more to come)


  • The Treaty of Paris also stated that France had more rights to the Indian subcontinent. An expansion of French India meant that there were two different Indias, British Raj and French India.
  • British India meant there were more troops ready to help fight to keep Indochina French.
  • With several countries in the way, the United States is unable and unwilling to open up relations with Japan., and instead Russia does it.


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