Men's football
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
DatesOctober 19, 1908 (1908-10-19)-October 24, 1908 (1908-10-24)
Competitors72 from 5 nations
Gold medal Olympics 
Silver medal Olympics 
Bronze medal Olympics 

The 1908 Summer Olympics was the first time that national representative teams were contested: football at the two previous games had been played between club teams. Five teams entered, although Hungary and Bohemia withdrew before the start. Denmark's Sophus "Krølben" Nielsen set a record by scoring 10 goals in a 17-1 win against France. The Netherlands won the gold.

Final tournament


Quarter Finals

October 20
Flag of Norway Norway 8-0 Flag of Sweden Sweden

Semi Finals

October 22
Flag of Norway Norway 0-5 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands

October 22
Flag of Denmark Denmark 17-1 Flag of France France

Gold Medal match

October 24
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 2-1 Flag of Denmark Denmark

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