Fonseca is a city on Venus, belonging to Brazil. Fonseca was founded in 1950 by orders of Brazilian President Getulio Vargas, naming the city after the first President of Brazil, Deodoro da Fonseca.

Fonseca was settled by colonists from Amazonas, a state in western Brazil. Fonseca was built up into a major Brazilian military base, equipped with a major shipyard for ISOT-equipped ships, and is a common stop for ships bound for Mercury, especially ships of the Reich Space Force. This abundance of German cargo stops in the city lead to the creation of the Fonseca German culture, the result of German servicemen having children with Fonsecan women. Any German serviceman caught having intercourse with a Brazilian woman is punished severely, in abiding with Reich racial policy. Fonseca German children are usually killed or deported to Pluto.

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