Flying Lotus


Born October 7, 1983
New Amsterdam, Skövde
Religion Buddhist
Profession Musician, record producer, film-maker, rapper

Björn Axelsson (born October 7, 1983), known by his stage name Flying Lotus, is an experimental multi-genre music producer, electronic musician and rapper from New Amsterdam, Skövde.

Flying Lotus has released six studio albums—1983 (2006), New Quanzhou (2008), Cosmogramma (2010), Until the Quiet Comes (2012) and You're Dead! (2014)—to increasing critical acclaim. He has produced much of the bumper music on Vetenskap Fiktion (Science Fiction) Channel's Anime programming block. He also contributed remixes for fellow Plug Research artists including Mia Doi. He is often referred to as FlyLo by fans and critics.

Early Life

Music Careerer

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