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The Florin is the currency of Britain and several former British colonies. The original florin was divided into 24 pence (singular penny), and still is in some countries. Others have decimalized in one way or another.

The florin was first introduced in 1847, as the first step in an attempt to decimalize the traditional pounds-shilling-pence system. It was valued at 2 shillings, or one-tenth pound.

Upon the ascent of King Edward VII, the shillings of his reign had their inscription altered to "Half Florin", intended as a first step towards simplifying the currency. The Currency Simplification Act officially abolished both shillings as units of account, leaving only pounds, florins and pence (farthings being expressed as fractions). Sums were to be given with the florin symbol (ƒ) between the florin and penny figures (thus, 4ƒ6 for "four florins sixpence"), while the pound and florin would be divided by a decimal point (thus, £2.4ƒ6 would be "two pounds four florins sixpence"). An attempt was made to eliminate the penny and replace it with a "cent", equal to 1/100 florin (thus, just slightly less than a farthing). The government even went so far as to produce coins in the denominations of 1 cent (=.24 penny), 5 cents (=1.2 pence), 1 dime (=2.4 pence), quarter-florin (=6 pence) and half-florin. Public anger forced the government to revive the penny. However, at the same time they did this, they abolished the pound, giving Britain a two-level currency, even if not decimalized. That brief experiment did, however, give the nickname "dime" to the threepence.

British Florin

The British florin is currently valued at around 7.14 North American cents (about 13.07 US cents *here*).

Coins in circulation

  • Penny
  • 3 pence ("dime")
  • 6 pence ("quarter")
  • ½ florin ("shilling")
  • florin
  • 2½ florin ("crown")
  • 5 florin ("double-crown")
  • 10 florin ("pound")
  • 20 florin ("double")


  • 50 florin
  • 100 florin
  • 200 florin
  • 500 florin
  • 1000 florin

Newfoundland Florin

The Newfoundland Florin is pegged at 50 North American cents (about 91.5 US cents *here*). It is divided into 100 farthings.

Coins in circulation

  • 1 farthing ("cent")
  • 5 farthings ("nickle")
  • 10 farthings ("dime")
  • 25 farthings ("sixpence"; "quarter")
  • ½ florin ("shilling")
  • florin
  • 2 florin


  • 5 florin
  • 10 florin
  • 20 florin
  • 50 florin
  • 100 florin
  • 200 florin

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