The Floridian Wall.

The Floridian Defense Perimeter (FDP), commonly referred to as the Floridian Wall, is a massive defensive wall built by the Floridian government along the Floridian-American and Floridian-Mississippian borders following the worldwide Zombie outbreaks.


The wall was, in its early phases, simply barbed wire fencing guarded by National Guard troops armed with automatic weapons. However, within several months of Florida's independence, the wall was expanded to include a concrete wall, as shown in the first picture. It was completed in early 1973.

Current State

The wall now encompasses a forty-foot-tall, ten-feet-thick wall made of reinforced concrete. Every half-mile, there is a massive gun tower.

North- and South-Tower

The first two gun towers, armed with artillery guns to defend against both Zombies and any potential invasion of Florida. Visible on the tower in the foreground is the main 80mm cannon (the one in the center), as well as the four 40mm cannons.

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