The Florida Territory is an area south of the United States of America consisting of OTL Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Louisiana. It was formed when the French expanded their empire from Louisiana into Mississippi and Alabama as part of a rapid expansion program in the 1780's. The French also took Florida from the Spanish in 1797-98. It again expanded to take the British held colonies of South Carolina and Georgia during the United States Revolution in 1811, which in part lead to an American victory. Throughout the early part of the 19th century, the Florida Territory experienced an spike in numbers of French Military forces in preparation for a Mexican Invasion that never came. Throughout this time, the Florida-Mexican Border was fortified until it would be "impossible" for the "barbarous" Mexicans to penetrate. The border still stands to this day, and as of yet no attempt has ever been made to cross it by the Mexican Armed Forces. In 1898, the French Government recognized The Republic of Florida, comprised of the entire Florida Territory, as a soverign state under the Treaty of Limoges. The capitol is Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Expansion

Louisiana Territory Expansion to 1813