Florida Air National Guard
Florida Air National Guard
SRPA logo
Founded November 5, 1969
Country Republic of Florida
Size 10,981 personnel
Current Commander Henry W. McMillan
Anniversary November 5
Principal Engagements Human-Zombie War
Motto "Guarding Florida, Defending Freedom"

The Florida Air National Guard (Guardia Nacional de Florida), usually abbreviated as FANG, serves as the air force of the Republic of Florida. They were formed from the pre-Zombie-outbreak Florida Air National Guard immediately after Florida declared its independence, as well as from USAF planes that were in Florida at the time.

Aircraft Operated

F-86 Sabre (Reactivated)

C-130 Hercules 

(more to be added later)

Experimental Aircraft

The FANG has several experimental aircraft.

YUH-17 Pelican

UH-17 Atlas

The XUH-17 Atlas.

The YUH-17 Pelican is currently under development and, if put into service, will become the world's first non-experimental VTOL airplane. It is in late-phase testing, with one prototype having been built.

YU/AV-17 Hawk

The YU/AV-17 Hawk is an unconfirmed, but suspected, advanced, combat version of the YUH-17.

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