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Florida Constitution United States Constitution
President separate from Commander-in-Chief President is Commander-in-Chief
Senate with no House and 1 rep Both a House and a Senate and the Senate has 2 reps
Junta no Junta
Commander-in-Chief serves for life President serves for four years
President serves for two years see above
Confederation of Florida
FloridaFlag3-OurAmerica No coa
Flag of Florida Coat of Arms

In God We Trust (English)

Anthem "Old Folks At Home"
Capital Tallahassee
Largest city Jacksonville
Other cities Orlando, St.Augustine, St. Mary's, Miami, Naples
  others Spanish, Haitian Creole
Ethnic Groups
  others Black, Hispanic
Demonym Floridian
Government Republic/Junta
  legislature Florida Senate, Florida Junta
Commander-in-Chief Julius Smith
President Gerald McGee
Independence from from United States of America
  declared January 13, 1935
  recognized February 22, 1935
Annexation to The United Republic
  date March 21, 1941
Currency Confederation Dollar

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