— Subdivision of Confederate States of America
Timeline: Southern Independence

OTL equivalent: Florida
Florida 1861
Flag of Florida
(and largest city)
Other cities Fort Brooke, Jacksonville, Orlando
Language English
Demonym Floridian
Governor Rick Scott (C)
Population 20,000,000 
Established March 3, 1845 (USA State)

February 4, 1861 (CSA State)

Currency Confederate Dollar
Time zone Central/Eastern Standard Time
  summer Central/Eastern Daylight Time
Abbreviations FL
 Florida is one of the 18 states that make up the Confederate States of America. It is the second most populous state in the CSA behind Texas. Florida borders Alabama to the Northwest, Georgia to the North, and shares a maritime border with Cuba which is 90 miles away to the South and the Confederate Territory of the Bahamas which is about 70 miles East.


Spanish Florida

The first colony to control Florida was Spain. Conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon spotted the Florida peninsula in 1513. In 1559, Spain tried to setup a permanent settlement in Florida near present-day Spain but due to famines, aggressive tribes and hurricanes, the colony was abandoned in 1561. The area would not be inhabited again until the 1690s. Spain built St.  Augustine in 1565 and it remains the oldest city in the Confederate States. 

British Florida

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U.S. Florida

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Florida during the Southern Revolution

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