Florida was an independent country with close ties to Aragon and the American Union, until incorporated into the United States of America in 1954.

The Kingdom Of Florida

The flag of Florida.

Florida Detail until 1894

A map of Florida showing major cities and interior divisions.

General Information:

Capital: St. Augustine

Currency: Peso



1503: Juan Ponce De Leon, a Leonese soldier, comes to the Court of Aragon to request a ship to sail to the New World. The Aragonese king is more interested in Mediterranean colonies than the New World, but he finances De Leon, anyway.

1505: De Leon beaches near St. Augustine, claims what he calls “Florida” for Aragon. He pronounces himself governor and founds St Augustine.

1524: The Aragonese have colonized the entirety of the peninsula by this point.

1547: The Peninsula Agreement is signed between Aragon, France, and England to solidify the border between Nuevo Aragonia, New France, and Georgia.


1603: Seminole Indians revolt and almost burn St Augustine. The city is put under siege for 13 days before Aragonese reinforcements arrive.

1645: The city of Miami is constructed to allow for easier trade between Nuevo Aragonia and the Castilian Antilles.


1723: The citizens of Nuevo Aragonia, discontent with the military protection Aragon provides, become angry. Citizens riot in the streets of St. Augustine, demanding more protection. The riots are dealt with peacefully and Aragon sends a contingent of troops to Nuevo Aragonia to protect the citizens.

1751: The Aragonese king decides the mounting costs of maintaining control over Florida is not worth the tobacco and cotton they receive in return. He dissolves the political bonds between them and sets up the Kingdom of Florida.

1753: When the Aragonese troops withdraw from Florida, the citizens again panic. The Floridian king is demanded to find a new protector.

1756: The Floridian king sees the beginnings of a rebellion in British America and begins supporting the dissidents, seeing a united North America as an ideal protector.

1761: The Aragonese king agrees to help the Floridian king overthrow the British government in North America. Floridian spies immediately begin distributing propaganda.

1768: The United States of America declares independence. The British declare war on the new government, and, as soon as this word spreads around, Aragon and Florida recognize the new nation and declare war on Britain. By the time the British call off the attack, Floridian troops are already up to the Georgia-South Carolinian border and Aragonese warships are within sight of the British Isles.

1769: A disgruntled Britain recognizes the United States of America. This is a symbol to the Floridians, as they believe they have found their new protector.

1770: Not bonded by the trauma of war, the new United States falls apart into five states. The Floridian people, realizing their hope for a defender was lost, begin to build up a large military


1801: The Floridian government secretly aids the Mexican revolution.

1813: Florida allies with Mexico, Texas, and Canada to drive the hated French out of North America.

1814: Floridian troops capture New Orleans.

1815: The Treaty of St. Louis ends the War of 1813. Florida gains French territories west to the Red River.

1894: The Great Atlantic War breaks out. Florida almost becomes a victim of the Castilian advance but stops them at New Orleans.

1895: Floridian troops help the Aragonese navy capture the Castilian Antilles.

1897: The Treaty of Madrid ends the Great Atlantic War. Florida does not regain its lost territory, this instead go to the new state of the Central American Republic.


1914: The countries of New England, Virginia, and Carolina join together to fulfill what they call the "Dream of 1768". They create a representative government and set up the American Union. Florida is offered membership but they refuse.

1946: A Mexican polititian campaigns for all former Castilian colonies to join under one nation. He rises to power and proclaims a new era of prosperity for all Mexicans. Mexico annexes Texas, California, and the CAR. Years of bloody fighting ensue while the Mexicans quell the resistance. The new Greater Mexico makes threatening moves towards Florida, massing troops at the border.

1949: The Mexicans complete their conquest of the other Castilian nations. They now move all available troops to the Floridian border. The Floridians prepare a defense.

1951: Greater Mexico declares war on Florida and their troops surge across the border. Floridian troops put up a spirited defense, but the Mexicans capture New Orleans by December.

1952: The American Union joins what will be called the North American War in defense of their Floridian allies. They help push the Mexicans back and retake New Orleans by August. The front line settles on the Red River.

1954: Florida appeals ffor membership in the American Union. The Americans accept and the name is changed to the United States of America.

1955: Now-united American troops push the Mexicans down to the Rio Grande. Mexico sues for peace and the borderline is reset to per-GAW lines, at the Red River.

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