7th Roman Emperor

Britannicus Bust.jpg
Bust of Florian
Reign 26 October, 812 - 13 March, 818
Predecessor Corbulo
Successor Vitellius I
Spouse Poppaea Sabina
Issue Marcellus
Full name
Tiberius Claudius Germanicus
(birth to adoption)

Florian Claudius Drusus Caesar Germanicus
(adoption to ascension)
Florian Corbulo Claudius Caesar Augustus
(as emperor)

Posthumous name
Imperator Florian Claudius Caesar Augustus
Father Tiberius Claudius Drusus
Mother Valeria Messalina
Born 10 February, 794
Died 13 March, 818 (aged 23)
Florian (Latin: Florian Corbulo Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; 10 February, 794 - 13 March, 818) was Roman Emperor from 812 to 818 AUC. Florian succeeded his adoptive father Corbulo upon his death after he failed to produce any legitimate successors. 

Born as the only son of Tiberius Claudius Germanicus (uncle to Emperor Germanicus), he was raised in exile alonside his mother Valeria Messalina in Ravenna during the reign of Aemilius and Tacitus. It was not until Corbulo came to throne in which they came out of their one year hiding, and it would be in 805 in which Florian would be called to the capital. Staying within the city for five years, he became a clear heir to the emperor with no sons, having proven himself in "war-games" and conducting diplomacy within the senate. In 810, a year after Corbulo married Florian's half-sister Claudia Antonia, the emperor adopted the boy and officially decreed that he was to be his heir. Two years later, he was declared emperor following the princeps death..

During his short reign, Florian had to deal with in-fighting within the senate, and at one point, almost assassinated. by those loyal to the senators. Furthermore, an increase in discontent with the Persians led to a short conflict which resulted in stalemate, however, the taxes levied on the provinces would later lead to violence down the line. In 817, Florian was married to Poppaea Sabina in a political dealing with the powerful senatorial Sabina family, a choice of which would later lead to his downfall; for on 13 March, 818, only three months after the birth of his son Marcellus, Florian died in his sleep, most likely from poison provided by his wife.

Florian would go onto be succeeded not by his son, but by his designated heir, Lucius Vitellius the Younger, proconsul of the province of Africa.

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