The Florez Report is a magazine that is released once a year that describes each nations/regions economic standing and creates a factor of their world wide power. The formula to determine the World Power is a secret kept by the Head Writer Juan Florez himself. Juan Florez is a Uruguayan author who has an Economics BSBA from Buenos Aires Jesuit, an Economics MS from Cordoba Catholic, and an Economics and Social Sciences Ph D from University of Buenos Aires. Juan Florez is currently the department chair of the social science department at Buenos Aires Jesuit. 

2000 Florez Report

The state of the world at the start of the new millennium, released on June 1, 2000. Florez added education as another ranking. In this note the biggest notes are Russia's economy beginning to recover as Switzerland's economy's growth potential begins to plummet due to government instability and changes. 

Rnk Least Energy Dependent Sustainable Economic Growth

Technological Development  Capacity


Technological Development Capacity (militarily) Education
1 Russia Japan Japan  Russia Japan
2 Arabain Federation (+1) Cascadia (+1) United Republics United States United Republics
3 Texas (-1) United Mediterr. (+1) United Mediterr. (+1) South Africa and Netherlands Korea
4 Iran United Republics (+1) American Federation (-1) United Republics Norway
5 South Africa and Netherlands Arabian Federation (+3) South Africa and Netherlands Vietnam United Mediterr.
6 Alaska United Republics (-4) Russia Iberia Denmark
7 United Republics (+2) Iberia (-2) Northern California Wu Northern California
8 Canada (+5) Nicuragua (+2) Commonwealth Korea Iberia
9 Bolivia (+1) Chan Santa Cruz Korea Commonwealth Sweden
10 Appal. Federation (+6) Korea (-4) Wu United Mediterr. United States



5 Cascadia (-2) Egypt (-4) Afghanistan (+2) Suriname (+1) Suriname
4  Brittany (+1) Switzerland (-47) Appal. Federation (+3) Switzerland (-29) Guyana
3 Italy (+2) South Africa and Netherlands (-1) Egypt (-4) Algeria (-7) Afghanistan
2 Picardy West African (-3) Guyana (-8) Morocco (-1) Morocco
1 Croatia (-7) Wu West Africa (-1) Guyana (-1) West Africa

1999 Florez Report

After WW3 Florez discussed with his classes and colleagues the state of the World. Originally published as the paper "State of the World 1998" Florez quickly turned the idea into a magazine which discussed Technological, Economic, and Political developments across the world. In late 1998 he released his first issue called the Florez Report, which discussed and rated countries in those and many other categories. 

Rank/category Least Energy Dependent Sustainable Economic Growth

Technological Development  Capacity


Technological Development Capacity (militarily)
1 Russia Japan Japan Russia
2 Texas United Republics United Republics United States
3 Arabian Federation Cascadia Dinetah/American Federation South Africa and Netherlands
4 Iran United Mediterr. United Mediterr. United Republics
5 South Africa and Netherlands Portugal South Africa and Netherlands Vietnam
6 Alaska Korea Russia Portugal
7 Wu Dinetah/American Federation Northern California Wu
8 Egypt Arabian Federation Commonwealth Korea
9 United Republics Chan Santa Cruz Korea Commonwealth
10 Bolivia Nicaragua Wu United Mediterr.
Bottom 5
5 United Kingdom West Africa Cuba Denmark
4 United States South Africa and Netherlands Suriname Croatia
3 Brittany Russia Afghanistan Morocco
2 Picardy United States West Africa Guyana
1 Italy Wu Appal. Federation Bolivia

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