"Ye leave we no harm ye."

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The Great Flodden Empire was founded in 1000 BC on the islands what modern day may call "Faroe Islands."

They chose their first king with pride, In 1000 BC January the thirteenth, Flodden I was crowned.

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During Edward the third's reign a civil war broke out causing land attacks to the nearby Flodden Empire so they declared war on each other.

In 110 BC they declared war and fought for ages and ages! Until 10 AD of course when Tanna I took the throne! He had to knock out all the raiders from the empire until 39 AD when he died suddenly. His brother Tanna II took the throne and took modern day "Holland" from them and took their major capital " Arãlx ".

If we go forward to the 14th century we meet Henry the Barsred whose the father of Richard III who will lead us for longs of years.. * beep beep * Oops my mistake he is overthrown in 1410! In 1412 his son Richard III is crowned and has to fight these raiders for long times... *beep beep * In 1431 he is dying but lives! In 1462 he dies.

His son Richard IV is crowned but dies in 1511 from a serious head trauma. Let's go meet Henry VII!

Henry VII was born in 1623. He led the Flods just aged 10! But he was too young to rule so Henry Protro took the crown from him and died three years later. Arthur I is born but dies in 1700 so his brother Henry VIII takes the throne for 70 years. Let's fast forward, shall we?

The Flodden empire collapsed in 440 AD and became a republic. Benito I tried to end the empire completely so was executed a year later.

In 1952 they had no choice but to join the Brits so came Elizabeth I OF FLODDEN!

End of the story - time to put the cat out the back!

A portrait of Flodden XIX dating back to 1749.

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