This ATL is about the idea that the Flintlock Era of Weapons never ended and what consequences this whould have...
XVIII Century Warfare

Prussian troops in 1911


Minor POD



Great Seal of the United States of America

The Continental Congress adopts Thomas Jefferson's proposal for the Great Seal of the United States of America.


The US Congress decides to keep the thirteen stars and thirteen stripes US flag instead of changing it to reflect the number of states in the Union.


The United States decides to, instead of simply annexing the newly independent state of the Free and Independent Republic of West Florida to enter negotiations. An agreement is accepted by the republic after seventy days to be annexed by the United States as the Commonwealth of West Florida.

Major POD


Alexander John Forsyth finds himself unable to create the percussion cap and gives up his bird hunting while others turn to either archery or bird shot. No one could have guessed the changes that were about to occur...

Cultural Differences


  • In the United States, after the raising of the Statue of Columbia atop the US Capitol Building in 1863,
    Columbia women


    Columbia, becomes the most common representative of American interest replacing Uncle Sam.
  • 13 is not seen as an unlucky number but instead as a lucky number.
  • The white star is seen as an American symbol worldwide, alongside the American Flag.


  • Native American history and European history is taught as a precursor to American history.
  • History is given the foremost amount of significance.
  • Evolution and Creationism are taught as both equal theories, especially after the publishing of the book Evidence of Creation showed many of the holes in the Theory of Evolution.
  • Tenure is outlawed in many states for all state-funded places of learning below college.
  • There is no Department of Education as the US Government did not interfere in the state's rights to education, so many states have different laws for education.
  • Vexillology is the third most studied subject in colleges across America, behind only History and Science.
  • 23% of the 49 states (11) have laws concerning the size of homework, to a maximum of 2 pages a night. One has a law completely prohibiting mandatory after-school work.
  • Sex-Education in the United States is rare, as most people prefer to teach their own children about sexual relations. However, Sex-Ed is usually offered as an elective, especially in New York and California.
  • French, especially in Louisiana and West Florida, is often taught in schools as a mandatory class.
  • In the field of science, chemistry is the most widely studied.

State Borders

  • Flintlocks were used during the Civil War instead of percussion capped rifles or muskets many of the battles were longer and bloodier with Gettysburg lasting for 10 days and costing 71,000 men, because of this the United States had less money by the end of the war so Russia decided to sell Alaska to Great Britain whom incorporated it into Canada.
    USA 8

    Map of the USA

  • Hawaii was never annexed.
  • The 36°30′ line remained a huge part in creating state borders even after the civil war simply for the equality of states.
  • West Virginia never seceded from Virginia.
  • Cuba was annexed in 1826.
  • The Free and Independent Republic of West Florida got admitted into the Union as a state, much like OTL California did, they later bought the land between the Apalachicola and their border from the Territory of Florida.
  • Utah is named Deseret.


  • Nationalism is more wide-spread and is more fervent then in OTL. The notion of the glory of dying for one's country and honour is also more fervent causing a larger terrorism problem.
  • Many more people own weapons then in OTL.
  • People are generally more religious than in OTL.
  • People's attitudes towards sexual relations are much more conservative than in OTL.
  • The United States is not seen as a "global superpower" nor as the "police officers of the world" mostly because of the Adams Doctrine that made the United States almost completely isolationist.
    Cuban Plantation

    A Cuban sugarcane plantation

  • The US Military was desegregated in 1975.
  • The Civil Rights Movement never occurred as the Postbellum Constitution included Civil Rights Amendments.
  • Racism is more wide-spread than in OTL, especially in the southern United States and South Africa.
  • The Mexican immigration problem is never an issue as the French took control of Mexico and established a stable government.
  • The Southern states are still dominated by countryside and agriculture. There are only a few major cities, but they pail in comparison to New York City, San Diego, and Philadelphia.
  • French is often used by the "elite" and "cultured". Although French is spoken by most as a secondary language in West Florida and Louisiana.
  • Smoking is wide-spread and seen as "classy", much like the early 1900s in OTL.


  • The M1910 Ferrocerium Ignition Mechanism (FIM) was the first new lock produced since the 17th
    Flintlocks Forever 5

    Urban Warfare

    Century. Ferrocerium is the metal that is used in common cigarette lighters, and is thus cheap and (relatively) reliable. This allows for a safer and more reliable ignition.
  • The Ferrocerium lock, as its often called, replaced the flintlock (though many still call ferrocerium flint) in many areas of the world, although flintlock is still used.
  • Chemical weapons are frequently used by armies worldwide.
  • Mêlée weapons are still effective in warfare as armies battle much closer than in OTL. Also in urban warfare they are used, as the single shot weapons do not allow for effective room-to-room warfare.

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