In the middle of the Cold War, in the middle of everything, a large ship lands in New York. Correction - two large ships in New York and Moscow each. What is this? Is World War III beginning? As spectators watch on in fear, someone - no, something - steps out. In both cities: aliens land foot on Earth. What? Why? How? What is this? After a brief explanation, the aliens explain to everyone that they are from the mighty and great Regenetech Empire, who span more than half the galaxy and have been watching Earth and humans, or Earthicans, as they call them, and have recently put full attention into watching their Cold War. However, the Master of the Fleets, Byslank R. Genethser, says that humanity has reached the level where they are worthy of being aided by the Empire

The Empire - which actually consists of seven species - is here now to help the two great superpowers, and only the two great superpowers. Giving them advanced technology as time progresses, the Empire pushes both sides up to great might and strength.

Rumors had it that the Empire was there to take over Earth. Of course, then there was the other side of the spectrum, where the people believed that they just wanted to rent out films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and James Bond.

Now, the two nations are in a race to conquer what the Empire has left for them. Who will win? That is a question best answered by time.

Regen Flag

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