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 Flemish rebellion

It is 1 January 1915. Belgian King Albert I and his government choose to give soldiers less pay so they can invest in more training.

On 3 January 1915, Flemish troops begin to ask more pay and officers in Dutch but government refuses 

In Ypers on the Fourth of January a group of three Flemish soldiers rebel against less pay and they are all executed on the same day

On the Fourth of January there is again a rebellion in Ypers but this time the rebellion is founded by Germany and because that there are 100 soldiers rebelling

Germany openly supports the Flemish rebellion on 28/02/1915

There now are 10,000 Flemish soldier rebelling in Ypres and they got some land in it they officially claim the independence of the Flemish republic

On the tenth of march 5000 Flemish soldiers join the Flemish lion army and they capture Ypres, Poperingen and Vleteren

On the Twentieth of March Germans discus with the Flemish lion army for independence

The Germans agree to give the province of East and West Flanders Antwerp Limbourg and Brabant but they will keep control of Brussels to the Flemish

Republic of Flanders is founded on the first of April

Belgium surrenders on the 19th of April 1915 and give all of their land to the Flemish.

Flanders annexes the province of Namur and Germany annexes the province of Liege

Germany gives Brussels to Flanders on the 20 of April 1915

Allies declare that if needed they will talk 

German with help of Flanders capture Paris on the First of May

France moves capital to Montpelier 

Russia loses more land German sponsored revolutions start on Third of May

Wilhelm of Prussia send personal telegram to Nikolas Romanov that state

"Dear Niko, I want to have peace with light border change and some satellites for me and in return we will give some money to you we but we sponsored some revolution but that became out of our control so I hope we will have some peace talks. Greetings, Willy"

On 10.05.1915 Nikolas respond and say he is willing to surrender of they make a good treaty

The treaty of Tannenberg Poland will gain independence just like Baltic states Barbarossa will become part of Romania and Lithuania will be part of Germany the German empire will also help Russia industrialise

Russia accepts the German deal but they want to be able to expand in the east

Russia annexes all of Mongolia on 20.05.1915

There are rebellions in Bretagne region in France. France surrenders they want peace talks

Germany not trusting United States of America ask Mexico to declare war on them

Germany says that Mexico will get all states that border the Pacific and some more states like New Mexico but they need to accept independence of a South United States of America or name CSA

Mexico declare war against USA on 24.05.1915

Quebec rebels overthrow government. Quebec declares independence with Quebec and Ontario as land

Mexico captured al border states on 29.06.1915

Germany attacks New York in secret on 13.07.1915

Germany and USA at war on 14.07.1915

Quebec declare war on USA it capture much of north

USA surrenders on 01.08.1915

Centrals win WW1 on 01.08.1915

All border redrawn

WW1 is Won by Central Powers

Pope is forced to recognise Wilhelm the Second as Holy Emperor

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