Płomień Gdańsku
Flame of Gdańsk
Timeline: Proxima Centauri

Płomień Gdańsku
Logo of the Liberal Party

Foreman: Salomea Wiśniewska
Party Chairman: Wit Pawlak
House Leader: Tomasz Woźniak
Founded: 1918
Headquarters: Mansión del Precipicio
Youth wing: Młody Płomień
Ideology: Liberalism, anticommunism
Political position: Right
International affiliation: Proxima Centauri Liberals
European affiliation: Proxima Centauri Europe Liberal
Official colours:      Red

The Flame of Gdańsk (Polish: Płomień Gdańska; German: Flamme von Danzig) is one of Gdańsk's seven major political parties; and, along with the Republicans of Gdańsk, is one of the two dominant right parties of the Country. The Liberals' policies, and the party mostly focusses on social issues, such as crimes.

Founded in 1918, the Flame was one of Gdańsk's very first parties (along with the Social Movement of Gdańsk, which is now defunct; the Democratic Party of Gdańsk), and they are the oldest active party in the country today. Since foundation, the Liberals have always been a not so dominant force in the country, and they have controlled the President's office for 15 years. Beginning with Stefanie Zimmermann's election in 1927, there have been 3 Flame Presidents.