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Kingdom of Flaithbertachtéigh
Téigh Flaithbertach
Timeline: A Different History

OTL equivalent: Connacht, Ulser provinces of Ireland
Flag Coat of Arms

Fortune Favours the Bold (Connacht Irish)

Anthem "
Capital Galway
Largest city Galway
Connacht Irish
  others Latin
Government Parliamentary Monarchy

Flaithbertachtéigh is a kingdom located on the isle of Ireland. The Kingdom was founded by the Ua Flaithbertach clan (OTL Anglicised to O'Flaherty) and eventually expanded throughout the regions of Connacht and Ulster through wars of conquest, political maneuvering and aristocratical marriage. The Kingdom of Flaithbertachtéigh has maintained a strictly neutral policy in European history, although it has at times sent large amounts of mercenaries and volunteers to serve in the armies of others.


Early History

Achaikos's Voyage


Expansion of 752-1540

Irish Unification under Murchaid Ui Mordha

Dissolution of the United Kingdom of Ireland and Re-establishment of Flaithbertachteigh

Industrial Revolution and Modern History

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