This page shows the history of the Flags and Coats of Arms of the Principality of Polotsk and its successor the Kingdom of Krivia.


Polotsk Banner


The early banner of Polotsk

The original flag of Polotsk or the Polotsk banner was simply a standard carried into battle. The banner was a crimson colour, with an Allerion, a mythical creature ressembling an eagle without a beak, on the center. The flag was first adopted in Bryachislav I of Polotsk's reign, as the first banner of Christian Polotsk. It remained in use until the creation of the Kingdom of Krivia, when it was replaced by the Royal Banner.

Vladimiran Banner


The Vladimiran Flag of Krivia

The Vladimiran Banner was created by Vladimir I, the first king of Krivia, as the official new flag of his new nation. The flag was a crimson, white and purple vertical striped tricolor, with an Allerion in the center. The flag continued to be used throughout the reign of the Vladimiran Dynasty, and was officially replaced by the Olegislavan Banner in 1452 after the death of the last Vladimiran king.

Olegislavan Banner


The flag of Olegislavan Krivia

The Olegislavan Banner was created for Olegislav II of Krivia. Olegislav implemented the flag to distance himself from the Vladimiran Dynasty, whose last king, the incompetent Oleg I, he had usurped and killed. The flag consisted of a crimson, gold and purple horizontal striped tricolor, with the Krivian coat of arms in the center. It remained in use until the Krivian House of Commons voted to replace it with the Krivian Banner in 1900.

Krivian Banner

The Krivian Banner was created in 1900 to replace the Olegislavan banner after the Krivian House of Commons voted to replace the older flag. The flag consists of crimson, gold and white horizontal tricolor, with a purple circle containing an Allerion in the center. The flag remains in use today.

Coat of Arms

The Kingdom of Krivia has only had one Coat of Arms throughout its history. The coat of arms was designed by Vladimir I of Krivia upon the creation of his kingdom, and unlike the Vladimiran Banner

The Coat of Arms of Krivia

Heraldric Description

The traditional Heraldric Description of the coat of arms of Krivia;

"An Allerion and Bear rampant cobatant, supporting a Sable and Argent axe, on a background of Sanguine and Purpure quartered."

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