There are many flags in the world of the Ancient and the New. The flags of Nations vary greatly, but the oldest flag (or parts of a modern flag) first came into use around 2000 B.C., with the creation of the Eye of Horus on many pyramis near the Nile river. The majority of modern flags were created within the last two centuries however. Flags first came into common use, with the rise of the Roman Empire. Descriptions of each flag and the symbolic meaning coming soon, as well as the nation they represent.

AAN Aegyptia

AAN Alemani

AAN Anglo

AAN Chenla

AAN Haboso

AAN Hand

AAN Helian League

AAN Himyar

AAN Hungry

AAN Mesopotamia

AAN Nubia

AAN Parsa

AAN Punt

AAN Rome

AAN Sarmatia

AAN Sinoa

ANN Scythia

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