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Flag of the Shugarhai Union (Imperial Machines)

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Flag of the Shugarhai Union
Flag of the Shugarhai Union
Use Civil and state flag FIAV 110110
Proportion 1:2
Adopted January 1, 1943
January 1, 2015 (re-adoption)
Design A blue flag with golden-colored shugarist symbol in the canton.

The flag of the Shugarhai Union consisted of a plain blue flag, with the yellow crowned Shugarist symbol in the upper canton. The colours of blue and yellow represents Shugarhai Union, Europe and the former European Union, while the shugarist symbol symbolized the nation's human civilization with improved technology taken from Martians and Canpootians. The crown that appeared in the shugarist symbol represents the nation's imperial monarchy.

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