Khmer Empire
Flag of the Khmer Empire
Name The Vortex (colloquially)
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 3:2
Adopted 1952
Design A dark blue background with a red ring of fire, containing a Sudarshana Chakra with Varah Vishnulok in its heart

The Flag of the Khmer Empire was adopted in 1952 as the national flag of the Khmer Empire.

Description, symbolism and meaning

The flag of the Khmer Empire has a dark blue/purple background, which symbolizes the space of the universe. The outer red circle with fire-like protrusions, depicts a ring of fire, protecting the insides of it from the constant renewal the universe is undergoing by Shiva. Inside the outer circle is a sudarshana chakra, a disc-like-weapon associated with Vishnu, and also symbolizes the sun surrounding the Earth. Inside the third, black circle is a layer containing many circles, which depicts the many islands on the Earth's ocean. Varah Vishnulok graces the center of the flag, depicting the Khmer Empire and its people.

Symbols Meaning
Purple background The space of the universe
Ring of fire Protection from the cosmic destruction caused by Lord Shiva
Sudarshana chakra Vishnu, the Sun as giver of life and protector of Earth
Varah Vishnulok The Khmer Empire, its people, the Emperor, Hinduism
Green The jungles and rainforests of Southeast Asia
Whole flag Earth as the center of the universe, and the Emperor of the Khmer Empire as the universal monarch

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