Flag of New Kamchatka
Flag of New Kamchatka (Venusian Haven)
Use Civil and state flag and ensign FIAV 110110
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 2001
Design A gold flag with a red hammer and sickle and red star in the canton, with five red triangles along the bottom length.

The flag of New Kamchatka is a golden flag which contains a red hammer and sickle and a red star in the canton, with five red triangles located along the bottom length of the flag. The flag is based on that of the flag of the Soviet Union (who colonized New Kamchatka), making it the only other national flag to depict the hammer and sickle.

The design of the flag can be dated back to the 1990s, when some Soviet settlements began to use an inverted Soviet flag to represent unity among the colonists. While it has been widely debated why this color swap occurred, many have claimed it came about unintentionally as the climate and larger Sun gradually faded the red off the exposed Soviet flags. This gave viewers the impression of an orange to yellow flag; while the hammer, sickle, and star appeared more darker by comparison.. The design became official in 2001 when New Kamchatka adopted a variant design for their national flag. Five red triangles were added along the bottom length of the flag, which represented the mountainous and volcanic nature of Atla Regio (with the five points also representing the five founding governorates of the nation).

Since its adoption in 2001, the flag of New Kamchatka has become one of the most recognized national flags on Venus (if not interplanetary). The design has been an inspiration for the flag of New Saigon.

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