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The flag of the Empire of the United Cygnian States, often referred to as the Cygnian flag, is the national flag of the Empire of the United Cygnian States. It consists of a black swan on the hoist side with a stylised image of the Imperial State Crown on top of it, with five six-pointed stars representing the Southern Cross. The Black Swan is the national animal of Cygnia, and the Imperial State Crown is used to crown new Emperors. The Southern Cross is a traditional symbol of the Southern Hemisphere, and the stars are six-pointed to represent the original six states of the Empire. The nickname Black and Gold is often used to refer to the flag.


National anthem

When the flag is raised accompanied by the national anthem, tradition and regulations state that all Cygnian citizens and residents present are to face the flag and salute it. According to tradition, an individual appointed beforehand, such as a student during school assemblies or a soldier at military parades, will hold the flag after it is attached to the flagpole and then thrown to the leeward side to allow the flag to fly when the last chord of the introduction is played.


Use National flag and state ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 12 September 1813
Design A Black Swan on the hoist side with a stylised Imperial State Crown above it, in a gold field, with five stars of the Southern Cross in the fly half.

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