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Flag of the Republic of Cabecia
Name "Pall the Tricolor", "Pointed Starred Pall", "The Nine-Prong Star"
Use Civil and state flag and ensign
FIAV 110110
Proportion 1:2
Adopted April 12, 1952
Design A pall, with Portuguese green on the left triangle underneath the civil ensign, Cobalt blue on the top with British red below.
Use Civil flag and ensign and war ensign FIAV 100101
Proportion 1:2

The national flag of Republic of Cabecia (or the Cabecian flag), consists of a pall (horizontal "Y") with Portuguese green in the left triangle, beneath the civil ensign, with cobalt blue on top and British red underneath. The pall represents the differences the cultures of the island had faced (the "V" of the "Y"), that have finally come together in unity, looking toward the future (the "I" of the "Y").

The civil ensign consists of circle of nine stars around a nine-prong star, both representing the nine provinces. `Nicknames for the flag include "Pall the Tricolor", the "Pointed Starred Pall" and sometimes "The Nine-Prong Star", which is also the nation's anthem.

Historic flags

Flag proposals

Provincial flags

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