Welcome to the Flag Contest! Created by Oct, this contest is designed to be a place where people compete to create flags for various scenarios thought of, and voted upon by the community. The Winner is then selected by the community 


  1. Flags must have been created by the person submitting them. Anyone who uses a flag they did not make will be DQed and banned from future contests.
  2. Your Flag must be respectful and Wikia appropriate. If things like the Swastika are relevent to your flag and backstory, then that is fine. 
  3. Flags must be in by the end date. No late Flags will be accepted.
  4. Format will be as follows, heading four, explanation, your image in a gallery.


--Orange (→My wall!←) 16:38, July 1, 2016 (UTC)

Current Scenarios

How did you get there (July 15)

This scenario will explore if another dynasty ruled a country instead of its OTL dynasty.

Plantagenet France (Oct)

This explores if the Plantagenet was able to gain control of France in the 100 years war, or never became Kings of England and instead ruled France.

Hohenzollern's Britain

When Prussia conquers the Kingdom of Hanover, the House of Hohenzollern replaces the House of Hanover in all places it was ruling prior to the conquest. This includes the United Kingdom, which as a result creates a personal union with Prussia.

Future Scenarios

This is for the Community to propose and vote on the upcoming scenarios.

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